To understand this section, we must know a little history. The history of the development of printed circuits is not as old as that of the industrial revolution, around 1950 is when the first PCBs began to be commercialized, however, in the early 1900s it was when the first attempts at PCB designs emerged.

The human being had the need to have electrical equipment that had a reduced size, before this the search began to replace the complex and extensive cable connections with electronic components.

What products in life use printed circuit boards, pcb boards, pcb products
It was on March 2, 1925, that Charles Ducas first filed a patent that included creating an electrical path directly on an insulating surface.

Technology has advanced and electronics are not left behind, as can be seen in the previous image, the first printed circuit boards were totally disorganized, large, heavy and not very efficient, but even so, they fulfilled their function, this gave way to the first electrical and electronic devices, such as the first radios, televisions, among others. All components of these plates were through hole.

What products in life use printed circuit boards, pcb boards, pcb products

Man required a little more to be able to develop and innovate much more, so with the passage of time and after a lot of research, trials and errors, he managed to develop quite impressive technology, surface mount circuits, also multi-layer PCBs, This was the beginning of all the development that we have today, since they allowed to miniaturize all the components of a printed circuit board with through hole components, to a simple board much smaller, efficient and which allows the design in both faces of the plate, reducing the size considerably, today these circuits can be found from a simple calculator, to the computers of space shuttles, through our cell phones, computers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves, headphones, televisions, In any device that works with electricity we can find printed circuits, have you thought that it would be n Our existence as humans if we didn’t have a simple printed circuit board? Impressive!!

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