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Hi Guys! We welcome you on board. We always strive to come up with useful information that adheres to your needs and requirements. Today, I am going to review about one of the best Online PCB supplier named as JLCPCB. As we are stepping forward in the world of smart technology, electronics is evolving and becoming innovative where devices are becoming tiny and compact, cover less space, carry less weight and capable of performing more tasks than their predecessors. PCB plays a vital role in the development and designing of any project. And if you really want your project gets off the ground in the early stage of development process, you need to pay extra heed in the development different types of PCB boards, specially when PCB board is an integral part of your project. Choosing and picking quality online PCB supplier service for the manufacturing of PCB is little bit tricky and you may feel exhausted and overwhelmed while searching for the best fabrication company that truly resonates with your needs and expectations and sets you free from the hassle of making quality board so you can pay more attention to other design and development process in order to complete your project well and on time.

Online PCB Supplier - JLCPCB

I have a wealth of experience working with multiple PCB board fabrication houses but there are only few companies who provide quality service when it comes to the development of precise and accurate product. JLCPCB is one of them, which is an online PCB supplier company. There are number of reasons why we prefer them over others and most important one is the quality assurance. They always strive to give you quality product that resonates with your demands. No matter if you are interested in the manufacturing of most basic design or multilayer complex PCB, they are expert in all of them, making sure to implement your ideas and requirements into all of their work so you don't need to keep coming back in order to fix your problems related to your board. Still, if you feel the product you ordered and anticipated doesn't meet your needs and unable to fulfill your requirements, you can send back the order immediately and they will fix it according to your needs and will keep following up with you until you are completely satisfied with your product.
online pcb supplier - jlcpcb, intro to jlcpcb, tour to jlcpcb, fabrication house jlcpcb, why choose jlcpcb
JLCPCB supplier comes with a team of experts who help you right from the start of the process i.e. from making to layout design, to the manufacturing of complete product and keep you updated with regular intervals so you don't feel you are left out in the process. Customer support is quick and responsive, that you don't need to wait too long to get your questions answered. Not everyone is expert when it comes to making perfect PCB layout design. If you feel you're one of them, you can get immediate help from their staff. They have a professional team of engineers who not only incorporate your idea into the product design, but also give you valuable suggestions that can make your design an ideal choice for your project.
What They can Deliver
PCB comes in number of forms ranging from single layer to double layer to multiple PCBs. Also, in terms of substrate used, many PCB boards are available including Flex board, Rigid board, Rigid-Flex board, Aluminum board, High Frequency board. JLCPCB supplier is proficient in making all of the above design with high precision and accuracy.
online pcb supplier - jlcpcb, intro to jlcpcb, tour to jlcpcb, fabrication house jlcpcb, why choose jlcpcb
PCB can be manufactured using SMD ( Surface Mount Technology) or Through Hole Technology, you can pick any of those based on your needs and demands of the project. You must be sure which type you want to pick, because it will help you the installation of PCB board  on your electronic project as some project are well suitable and prefer SMD while other are ideal for Through Hole mounting. Price of different PCB boards is as follows:
  • 2 layer board incorporated with FR4 substrate material, green solder mask and white silkscreen - $2/10 PCS
  • 4 layer board with same specs as above - $16/10 PCS
  • 6 layer board with same specs as above - $80/10 PCS
  • Similarly, SMT Stencil (190mm x 290mm) Frameless - $9/1 PCS
Keep one thing in mind - Lead time is different for different orders and it depends on the nature of the item you select, however, it ranges from 2 business days to 1-2 weeks. Rest assured, whenever they promise to deliver, they deliver within due date.
Why Choose Them
There are number of reasons, that we prefer JLCPCB over others. 1. They don't compromise on quality. They are highly concerned when it comes to maintaining the high quality throughout the whole fabrication process. If you want basics design to be manufactured or you are interested in the most complex design, they are there to help you. 2. They have recently installed advanced production lines that are properly maintained and supported by the technical team. They keep on checking every machine with regular intervals every now and then, in order to make sure the quality of product doesn't effect at any cost.
online pcb supplier - jlcpcb, intro to jlcpcb, tour to jlcpcb, fabrication house jlcpcb, why choose jlcpcb
3. What makes them cost effective? Labor cost is very low in China that makes them stand out from others when it comes to producing high quality product with low cost. Labor cost  in China is almost half what is required in other countries like USA and UK, which makes it first preference for the manufacturing of economical product. No need to worry about if you intend to order fewer number of products, you can order as low as 5 number of PCBs. However, ordering in bulk quality gives you edge in terms of pricing. 4. On time delivery is another factor that puts them ahead form their competitors. Making quality product will of no use until you deliver on time. Because delaying in the orders can put your project at risk and effect number of factors that can alter the overall quality of the project. They are equipped with highly skilled supply chain team who keeps a close eye on the processing of your order and make sure your order is delivered on time. 5. Some people don't trust the PCB supplier company unless assurance and confidence given by the satisfied customers. JLCPCB has been serving their customers quite a while now with the intention of retaining them with flawless and impeccable service. Almost 200,000 customers around the world are using their service with complete satisfaction. What makes customers keep coming back and again for more orders is that JLCPCB keep updating their customers throughout the process with the complete revision of product until they are satisfied.
online pcb supplier - jlcpcb, intro to jlcpcb, tour to jlcpcb, fabrication house jlcpcb, why choose jlcpcb
That's all for today. I hope you have got enough information why you choose this online PCB supplier? Specially, when you want your presence and idea must be valued and respected. If you still feel skeptical or have any question related to this PCB supplier, you can ask me in the comment section below. I'd love to help you according to best of my expertise. Feel free to keep us updated with your valuable feedback and suggestions, so we keep providing your quality work that matches with your requirements. Stay Tuned!