Voice Recognition using EasyVR Shield, easyvr voice recognition
Hello friends, today's post is, as the name suggests, about the Voice Recognition using EasyVR Shield. Voice recognition is quite a difficult task and usually done on software like MATLAB, but what if someone needs a stand alone project, a kind of autonomous voice recognition project, which doesn't use computer.

EasyVR is the solution for such projects. I recently did one project on this module named as Voice Recognition using EasyVR Shield and it worked really cool so I thought to share this new technology with you guys. I couldn't write the next part of Proteus tutorial, actually firstly I was busy in this project and then I thought to share this one as its quite exciting one. After completing this project, I will come back to Proteus tutorial.

This is the first tutorial in this EasyVR shield series. In the next tutorial, I have shared Getting Started with EasyVR Commander and once you got familiar with the EasyVR Commander then you must read Interfacing of EasyVR Commander with Arduino. When I was working on this awesome shield, I got Training Error: Recognition Failed in EasyVR so if you got such error this read this tutorial.

Project Description - Voice Recognition using EasyVR Shield

  • The complete project was quite messy, it involves a lot of sensors as well as dtmf control, so I am not explaining that part in this tutorial. In this project I will explain that section of the project where we used this module.
  • The functioning of this module is to control the robot movement using voice.
  • So, when someone says FORWARD in the mic of this module, the robot moves forward. Someone says RIGHT and the robot moves right and so on.
  • I have divided this project in parts so that you can easily understand the basic concept behind this project.
  • If you are working on such project and are unable to make the code work then you can also get our services by Contacting Us.
  • I have plans on designing this same project on PIC Microcontroller as well as 8051 Microcontroller and I will share their links once I uploaded them.

So, that was all about the Project Description of Voice Recognition using EasyVR Project. In the next posts, we will first see how to add these voice commands in the EasyVR shield and after that we will have a look at the code, I used in Arduino.